Prototyping With a Framework

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Paul Lopes

In a traditional systems development life cycle (SDLC) project, sometimes the end result does not successfully meet the needs of the user, even though it does meet the requirements set out by the business requirements document. The reason why is simple: no one tests the requirements with real users. Instead the product is released and users experience a sub-par product. The feedback at this stage is deflating to the team and the outcome can be costly, often in the form of lost customers and angered clients. Fortunately, this outcome is easy to avoid. There is a solution that is quick and painless to implement. What is this miracle? Prototyping!

We use extreme prototyping (yup it's a real thing dude), but any type or any level of prototyping works. Prototyping gives a realistic representation of how the end product will look, feel and function. More importantly it is developed quickly and then tested with real users, which is the ultimate goal. Requirements documents imagine a future. Prototypes make the future real.

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