Passion + delivery

We believe that owning your work and claiming responsibility are keys to satisfaction at work. Thinking Big has many projects, and we're always looking for the best people. Join us.

Level up

Your experience might get you in the door, but your journey doesn’t stop there. We provide our big thinkers opportunities to learn and grow; to focus on who you plan to become. It’s a central theme to the Thinking Big way of life and business.

Honest feedback

We want our work and our people to be better. Sharing ideas and communicating how we can improve is vital to our business. From code reviews to group discussions, we believe in an open environment where we can help each other grow and improve.

Continuous learning

There is a n00b inside all of us, and this allows us to learn and grow. “I don’t know” is not a bad thing to say or hear. It’s the beginning of something new, and we all love to go from n00b to pro.

Maintenance Team - Developer

More than just a lifestyle, programming is a fashionable living that not just anyone can aspire too. It takes critical thinking, and easy-going personality, and attention to detail. When the muck hits the fan, a programmer cracks their knuckles, rolls up their sleeves and dives into the systems we support!

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Software Architect

Want to architect solutions and see them come to life? We have a need for a Senior Software Architect. Experience in API integration would be a major asset. Otherwise, pitch us on why you'd be a good fit @ TB.

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UX Designer

Inspiration, ideation and implementation! These three pillars of human-centered design are at the core of our design process. From client research and interviews to rapid prototyping and usability testing, being a designer at Thinking Big is more than pretty colours and cool trends.

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Business Analyst

Work closely with business and technical stakeholders and be responsible for identification and assessment of business goals and needs, requirement analysis, design, and solution planning for the implementation, delivery, and support of business solutions!

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Bilingual Support Specialist

Fluently bilingual (that's admirable) with a passion for great service and a respect for our veterans. That's you? If you don't mind speaking on a telephone in an office setting and are patient in offering support to users with IT related account issues, that's great! We've currently got a contract position available.

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Technical Project Manager

You're flexible and agile. Leading technical teams in confidence, using up-to-date industry accepted methodologies, you keep your eye on the ball and lead your troops to success through all aspects of the lifecycle.

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