Mobile app developer for iOS and Android

Who is Thinking Big?

We are a group of smart, and committed business analysts, technical writers, front-end designers, software developers, testers, and project managers. Some say geeks, some say nerds. We are ok with either...or both. We provide digital consulting services to government and corporations but we also build products.

Our team help guide clients, getting stuff done. We also do our own software product development. Think of this side of the business as technology start-up incubation where you get to learn and practice using the latest tech and tools.

Passion + delivery

We believe that owning your work and claiming responsibility are keys to satisfaction at work. Thinking Big has many projects, and we're always looking for the best people. Join us.

Level up

Your experience might get you in the door, but your journey doesn’t stop there. We provide our big thinkers opportunities to learn and grow; to focus on who you plan to become. It’s a central theme to the Thinking Big way of life and business.

Honest criticism

We want our work and our people to be better. Sharing ideas and communicating how we can improve is vital to our business. From code reviews to group discussions, we believe in an open environment where we can help each other grow and improve.

Continuous learning

There is a n00b inside all of us, and this allows us to learn and grow. “I don’t know” is not a bad thing to say or hear. It’s the beginning of something new, and we all love to go from n00b to pro.

Bonus points if you:

  • Have experience working with backend teams on defining API specifications
  • Feel comfortable discussion how you would ideally configure a CI environment for an Android and/or iOS mobile application
  • Have experience with Ionic and/or React
  • Have worked extensively with automated testing on a mobile platform

Preferred Experience Level:

  • iOS: 3 years
  • Android: 3 years


  • Mobile app developer for iOS and Android
  • Be the technical lead for a cross-functional team, including design, QA, and development
  • Integrate third party services including apps, video, search, and social media
  • Work in an Agile environment, delivering features quickly and iteratively
  • Commit to continuous learning and skills development
  • Bring an innovative spirit and a strong work ethic


  • Comfortable and enjoy working with Objective C, Swift and/or Java and Kotlin
  • Familiar with CI for mobile applications
  • Understand how to work with Testflight, even the buggy bits
  • TDD and source control (Git) are second nature
  • Experience using the camera, microphone, gyro and other sensors in mobile development environments
  • Built an iOS and/or Android app before, and can talk to the issues you had to resolve to make it work seamlessly on a variety of devices
  • Strong understanding of Object-oriented Design
  • Want to take ownership of what you work on and you’re ready to explain it to your colleagues and support it in production
  • Priority status will be given to Canadian Veterans when they are equally qualified

Contact us at to apply or call toll free 1 (877) 733 3447.

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