Solution Analyst

Who is Thinking Big?

We are a group of smart, and committed business analysts, technical writers, front-end designers, software developers, testers, and project managers. Some say geeks, some say nerds. We are ok with either...or both. We provide digital consulting services to government and corporations but we also build products.

Our team help guide clients, getting stuff done. We also do our own software product development. Think of this side of the business as technology start-up incubation where you get to learn and practice using the latest tech and tools.

Passion + delivery

We believe that owning your work and claiming responsibility are keys to satisfaction at work. Thinking Big has many projects, and we're always looking for the best people. Join us.

Level up

Your experience might get you in the door, but your journey doesn’t stop there. We provide our big thinkers opportunities to learn and grow; to focus on who you plan to become. It’s a central theme to the Thinking Big way of life and business.

Honest criticism

We want our work and our people to be better. Sharing ideas and communicating how we can improve is vital to our business. From code reviews to group discussions, we believe in an open environment where we can help each other grow and improve.

Continuous learning

There is a n00b inside all of us, and this allows us to learn and grow. “I don’t know” is not a bad thing to say or hear. It’s the beginning of something new, and we all love to go from n00b to pro.

The role

Do your friends describe you as someone who:
  • asks a lot of questions
  • wants to know why something was decided or why something was done
  • wants to improve everything around you
  • has empathy for every side of a conversation
  • doesn’t mind being an advocate for others
We are looking for a team member who:
  • improves our team
  • says I don’t know and then finds the answer
  • wants to learn and improve
  • believes The Phoenix Project is a prototype helping businesses
  • if you are someone who doesn’t know what The Phoenix Project is, you just ordered a copy before reading this bullet point
What it’s all about
You only know that you understand something when you can teach it to others
We are looking for someone who can bridge the gap between the technical and the non-technical by bringing the team together, not solely by translating.
We are looking for someone who can communicate clearly, document efficiently, and create shared understanding with all our team members.
This person will help us deliver the right solutions, both re-engineering business processes and delivering great software for our clients.
And if you know how to ask the question “Why?”, you are half way there
Priority status will be given to Canadian Veterans when they are equally qualified.


  • Work as a team member ensuring we are delivering business value
  • Document and communicate the functional specifications of technology based solutions
  • Guide the delivery of those functional specifications from prototype to final delivery


  • Display Thinking Big’s values of trust, team work, and accountability
  • Ideally, post secondary education
  • Desire to learn and understand technology
  • Would be great to have experience in either systems analysis, computer science, technical communication, product ownership
  • Priority status will be given to Canadian Veterans when they are equally qualified

Contact us at to apply or call toll free 1 (877) 733 3447.

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