Veterans Affairs Canada Web Renewal

In a nutshell...

Thinking Big is working with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) in preparing for the Government of Canada's (GC) Web Renewal Initiative. VAC's content will be migrated into, the new Canadian Government website that will consolidate the federal government's 91 departments and agencies comprising over 1,500 websites and their millions of pages into a single, user-centric website by the end of 2017. will enable its users to get to the information they need by searching based on themes, topics, or tasks rather than having to go to the specific department's website.

Let's go back...

The amount of information accessible on Canada's Federal Government websites is immense. With so much information, these searches can be challenging if you don't know the correct department. GC's Web Renewal Initiative (WRI) will streamline the government's web presence by making it easier to find and access information on the web through a single entry point.

The Federal Government has selected components of Adobe's Marketing Cloud Content Management System as the platform for The components selected are Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Analytics.

AEM is an industry-leading web experience management solution that allows marketers and developers to design, manage, and deliver customer-facing digital experiences across all interaction channels - including web, mobile, social, video, and onsite. It is a Java CMS based on several Open Source components, mainly from Apache Software Foundation (e.g.: Jackrabbit and OSGI).

The task at hand...


The Thinking Big team has key roles in each of the areas of this project. Our team is using a variety of tools in this project to re-introduce VAC content on AEM including Java (Sling, Slightly, and OSGi), GitLab, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, and ColdFusion. The project is running both funtional and technical activities simultaneously in order to be ready for completion in December 2017.

Project Managers

Our Project Management team is working with VAC to ensure milestones are met to maintain the larger implementation schedule of the WRI.


Our developers are in the process of creating dozens of web app APIs using ColdFusion, along with creating custom components in AEM using Apache, Sling and Sightly for over 30 applications. Everything built adheres to VAC's standards, including compliance with privacy and security protocols.


Web Architects

Our web architects play a very important role in ensuring all the technical, functional, usability/accessibility, and user experience are designed according to WRI requirements.

Web Content Writers

Our web content writers are working within the WRI style guides and content principles in order to write new content and update existing content that will adhere to the consistent writing style and accessibility standards that comprise the format standard for

Business Analysts

Our business analysts are working directly with VAC to establish and implement new Web Governance. They are also analyzing the results of the usability testing that will measure the success and efficacy of the new web design and architecture.

Technologies used...

  • Web Experience Toolkit
  • Umbraco
  • SecureKey
  • J2EE
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Oracle
  • Websphere
  • Web Services
  • Adobe Experience Manager/LiveCycle
  • MQSeries


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