Digital Services


Thinking Big strives to help our clients drive brand growth and product positioning, making them innovative leaders in their industries and truly digital organizations. Whether you are looking for a project team, subject matter expert, or someone to rely on to optimize your daily activities, our team is your partner in reaching your objectives.


Digital Strategy

Establishing a digital strategy for your organization is a must to maximize your investments in digital products and processes. It will provide direction to reach your customers or audience quicker and prepare you for the next generation of digital enhancements.

  • Conceptualization - We work with you to look at your organization from a digital perspective within the scope of technology, trends, and process. Then, we help you integrate all these components to form your digital strategy
  • Prototyping - Ready to take the next step? Thinking Big will help you take your digital concept to the prototype stage and develop the KPI’s to measure it’s success. We will also help you establish governance to maintain momentum and remain flexible to change.

Digital Communications and Digital Services Delivery

In this digital communication era, Information as a commodity is invaluable. The importance of having clear, relevant, and to-the-point information targeted to the right audience at the right time is key to growing your digital identity.
In addition, the ability to provide easy to use and reliable online service is a mainstay for any organization. What will set you apart is how you provide these services.

  • User Experience Design (UX) - This is ultimately what it is all about. If your users do not have a positive experience on your site, they go elsewhere. Our user-centric design model puts the user at the heart of everything we do. Who are they? Are they young or old? Are they affluent or starving students? Are you speaking the right language to them? These are questions that we consider when approaching your solution. We help you find those answers and leverage that knowledge to provide a better user experience.
  • Automation of Services - Self-service is a given for any organization with a digital presence. Automating services allows you to set a standard of service that will enhance both quality and experience for your users, while increasing employee productivity and decreasing costs for your organization. Our experience with analyzing and automating services using the latest technology ensures your users will benefit from exceptional service.
  • Information Architecture - Organizations are realizing the high cost of managing infrastructure for many websites, intranet and a multitude of integrated technologies used to run their operations and establish their brand. It is challenging to manage all this and adapt to changes in technology and interaction with users - social media as a key example. We have worked with large and small organizations alike to develop and implement a concept to manage IA and prepare for the next generation of service and communication
  • Digital Asset Management - The ability to organize, track and reuse digital assets allows you to maximize the use of the assets you’ve spent time on perfecting. This is a typical step in our renewal and reorganization model to enhance the architecture and get the most out of your creativity
  • Analytics & Optimization - The ability to collect and analyze data on current activity or decisions enables you to take your vision to the next level. We know how to take this data and optimize your ability to better achieve better online results. Our experience with web analytics will improve your decision making and provide quick analysis on results.
  • Mobile Solutions - Consumers are embracing mobile for a wide range of activities. More than 53% of online smartphone usage now occurs at home, even when a desktop is nearby. Furthermore, a third of mobile consumers use mobile exclusively. Acknowledging this trend towards mobile-everything informs our development strategy, allowing us to create products your customers will love to use on the platforms on which they rely.


Digital Enterprise Solutions

  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) - Deciding to change from the “way it’s always been done” can be both intimidating and exhilarating. Our BPR team can help you thoroughly review and/or restructure your processes to effect change in your organization.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) -ERP systems are often the main line of business and financial operations. As ERP’s have become more scalable, companies of all sizes are taking advantage of their capabilities. The move towards cloud computing supports the scalability with cost benefits. TB has built our own ERP product called Awesomeware, so we understand your process flows and have a support model in place to support day-to-day ERP needs.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - There may be no better way to know and serve your clients and contacts than through a CRM methodology. Exceptional customer service is achieved by having a 360-degree view of a client’s needs by providing interaction through both traditional and social channels to keep them coming back. Our certified Microsoft Dynamics consultants will match your strategy to the technology and provide a solution that will improve customer experience, communication, automation, and provide the analytics to make the right decisions.
  • Horizontal Platforms - Our model of developing solutions for our clients is one that breaks down the silos of information and software to provide more accessibility for users and interoperability between software to create a truly integrated architecture.



Legal Services


Technology Enhanced Legal Services:

Thinking Big Legal is working with US law firms to help develop technology platforms for the delivery of legal services. As firms reduce operating expenses, staff are having to do more and more with fewer resources. We create tools that firms can offer their clients to automate the elements of legal services that are redundant, and to enable the lawyer to offer the higher value advice and services that are made more efficient with these tools.


Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis

Thinking Big Legal can work with your firm to identify tasks, systems, and processes that can be enhanced and drastically more efficient with the help of AI and Predictive Analytics. We will work closely with you to identify the business requirements to develop custom solutions that can revolutionize the way you offer legal services to clients, freeing up time for associates to do higher value work.


Market Mapping and Data Visualization

Law firms rely on data: for business development; for market research, for business intelligence, for thought leadership, and for the legal services they provide to their clients. The data is usually harnessed in large data bases, or, if someone has done a lot of work, in large research reports. Digesting the information is difficult. Thinking Big Legal can help you with platforms that present the information through market mapping and data visualization, making the information easier to access, digest, evaluate and use.



Improving rigor around internal processes with carrots rather than sticks

Thinking Big can work with your firm to identify processes and tools the firm uses internally that can be better utilized, contain better content and data, and be more relevant with the use of gamification elements. Having trouble capturing information for your CRM? Lawyers finding it cumbersome to document experience for valuable listings? Tough getting up-to-date bios? Need to enable behaviour change to get accurate time keeping? Struggling for fresh thought leadership content? Thinking Big Legal can help.


Knowledge Management

Thinking Big Legal combines their technical development and business analyst resources to offer knowledge management solutions to firms. Business Analysts can leverage existing tools to capture, prepare, and communicate key information for the firm. Our developers and designers can create customized services that leverage your existing tools and platforms to make them most efficient for your specific firm and its need for information.


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