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Have you ever had the incredible good fortune of knowing a graphic designer or two? If so, you may have noticed a few traits that sets these individuals apart. Maybe they exhibit a certain attention to detail, or maybe a particularness in their arrangements that borders on unusual? As a graphic designer myself here at Thinking Big, I can tell you with some certainty that designers are a funny breed of people.

If you would like to spot one in the wild there are many tip-offs that range from the annoying and inconvenient to the fascinating and informative. You’re sure to know when you’re in the company of a designer when:


• They spend so much time critiquing the menu at a restaurant that they forget to decide what to order.

• They automatically disobey any sign in Comic Sans, Hobo, or Papyrus out of spite, no matter how dire the consequences.

• They make you sit through the movie end credits so they can admire (or heckle) the typography.

• They make you eat weird food because the packaging is nice.

• They buy magazines for the ads.

• They refuse to read websites you send them if they dislike a design element, even if they really need to see the content.

• They are constantly feeling the texture and weight of any paper or other substrates they come across.

• They use the word substrate.

• They have a collection of business cards including those from services they would never ever use.

• They constantly pick on signage design when you travel together.

So now, armed with this designer-spotting information, you will want to either avoid this person like the plague or enlist their expertise in your latest project!