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1. From collaboration to insights /

We design intuitive enterprise systems for people


Expectation matching

To start, we meet with stakeholders to align expectations for the project. By creating a shared understanding of the road ahead, and by using proven and repeatable methodologies, our design and technical experts guide the journey from understanding your users to creating the solution.



With shared expectations, our team works with your staff and customers to gain a deep understanding of your unique business challenge from all points of view. By analyzing issues with all involved — from users to customers to your own employees — we can affect change that has a lasting impact.


Design and prototyping

Design is all about reimagining the user experience. By collaborating with those most closely involved with the feature, tool, product or service that we'll be transforming, the team generates lots of new ideas. We guide the process, designing, testing and iterating solutions with users instead of for them.

2. From insights to code /

We develop innovative products validated by people


Business services

With Lean and Agile principles, our Project Managers and Business Analysts guide the transformation from idea to product. From the start, we write test scripts — using Gherkin's plain English syntax — to drive the development.


System architecture design

By structuring applications using Microservice architecture, in other words, as collections of maintainable and testable services that are independently deployable, we build software that is scalable and future proof.


Software engineering

Whether the solution calls for software, web development or a mobile application, our engineers will develop the most effective and innovative tools to best solve your problems. Behaviour-Driven Development encourages communication and aligns the business and technical sides of a project.

3. From code to implementation /

We deliver and maintain modern, scalable software


Automated testing

We work with our clients to develop thorough, well-documented specifications that enable us to create robust automated test suites that provide confidence and safety as we build the solutions you need. And with users involved right from the beginning, user acceptance testing is a breeze.



With a DevOps mindset, we prioritize delivery processes that encourage fast flow and adaptive iteration cycles, empowering development teams to quickly react to user feedback. This way we quickly deliver high quality software with new and innovative features, while maintaining uninterrupted performance.


Maintenance and features

After deployment, we are well positioned to monitor, maintain and optimize the system, as well as to enhance or fine-tune existing features or add new ones.

Our people, skills and technology support the most modern enterprise systems in Canada.


Client list

Veterans Affairs Canada

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Department of National Defence

National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman

Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

Canadian Digital Service

Canadian Revenue Agency

Employment and Social Development Canada

Defense Research Development Canada

Office of the Correctional Investigator

Government of Prince Edward Island

Government of New Brunswick

PEI Fisher's Association

Farm Credit Canada

Maritime Electric

American Laywer Magazine (ALM Media)